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Tune your motorcycle ATV or UTV

Receive quality dyno services from our experienced team.

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Visit our Dyno Jet Tuning center

Every so often, your bike needs to come in for a tune-up, and we're more than equipped to assist you. With the help of our 250IX Dynamometer, your bike, ATV, or UTV up to 60 inches wide can be measured for horsepower, torque, and air-feel ratio.


Our dyno has a eddy current load absorbtion unit which allows load testing by closed-looping on rpm, speed or percentage of load.  The load control software achieves repeatable and consistent results and also allows the ability to control vehical rpm or speed at any throttle opening. Also using the air fuel ratio monitor, we can tune with complete accuracy.  


So, bring in your dirt bike, street bike, quad, and more in today so that we can upgrade the performance of your machine as soon as possible.

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